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Internet & Networking Not too long ago Adobe started a "We love Apple" campaign, as a response to Apple's continuous negative remarks about the company. With Flash 10.1 slowly but surely appearing on more and more mobile devices, it seems like the company just doesn't care about it any more. Adobe's CEO Shantanu Narayen has said they've "moved on".
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RE: F* Apple, AND Adobe!
by WorknMan on Mon 16th Aug 2010 20:22 UTC in reply to "F* Apple, AND Adobe!"
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All these proprietary formats and platforms will kneel before Android. It's inevitable. And with google behind VP8, you can kiss any relevance Adobe ever had goodbye.

I would agree with you, except for the fact that flash is on Android now, so I'm REALLY hoping it doesn't take off on that platform. Flash is like telemarketing - it just needs to go away entirely.

I really wished Google would've taken an anti-flash stance like Apple did. IMHO, that's one thing that Apple did right, despite whatever ulterior motives they might or might not have had.

Note: I'm not an idealist; I really don't care if flash is 'open' or not. What I do care about though are the myriad of security holes, and the hijacking of my right mouse button.

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RE[2]: F* Apple, AND Adobe!
by ephracis on Mon 16th Aug 2010 23:14 in reply to "RE: F* Apple, AND Adobe!"
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[...] and the hijacking of my right mouse button.

This. And the hijacking of my scroll!

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