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Internet & Networking Not too long ago Adobe started a "We love Apple" campaign, as a response to Apple's continuous negative remarks about the company. With Flash 10.1 slowly but surely appearing on more and more mobile devices, it seems like the company just doesn't care about it any more. Adobe's CEO Shantanu Narayen has said they've "moved on".
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RE[2]: Funny how they spin it...
by anda_skoa on Tue 17th Aug 2010 09:25 UTC in reply to "RE: Funny how they spin it..."
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Open sourcing Flash would take away content protection which is one of its primary advantages over HTML5.

Coming from someone as insightful as you usually are, this feels almost like trolling.

Any kind of digital content protection is based on math that makes is impossible (or really hard) to untransform the protected data without the key or partner key which transformed it.

For example a GPG or SMIME encrypted email is always equally secured independent on whether it passes through a close or open source mail server. If it weren't there would be no point in using encryption for email at all because it is highly likely that it will pass through an open source one on its way to the receiver.

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Well, you are right, encryption written as Open Source is not weaker than written as closed source.
It's just that once you have rightfully decrypted the information you would be able to save the original content without the encryption.

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