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Internet & Networking We're still in the slow news period, so let's talk about something we discussed before: blocking advertisements on websites. Up until, well, today, I didn't block ads - not because of some ethical objection or whatever, but simply because I couldn't be bothered to setup AdBlock. Today, after taking a closer look at some of the websites I frequent, I decided to take the plunge and install AdBlock on all my machines. The following set of screenshots should pretty much explain why.
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Fogot about osnews
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Wed 18th Aug 2010 14:28 UTC
Bill Shooter of Bul
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I'd really like to support OS news, so I usually have an exception for adblock on the site. But apparently IO forgot to add the exclusion on my last OS install. Sorry.

But now I'm running into a really annoying gnash bug. When pause mode is enabled by default the screen for the flash add is huge, covering most of the story. I can't even see the subject line I just typed. Not OS news' fault. Maybe I'll have to disable the pause mode ... Any other suggestions?

Update: The bug doesn't have much to do with pause mode. It still happens when disabled, but not always. Not sure what that is.

Update #2: And suddenly the bug disappears altogether, regardless of pause mode. So, I can keep it disabled on the site!

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RE: Fogot about osnews
by lego on Thu 19th Aug 2010 06:08 in reply to "Fogot about osnews"
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My suggestion to webmasters is to make the site unreadable when ads are blocked.

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RE[2]: Fogot about osnews
by bitwelder on Thu 19th Aug 2010 06:28 in reply to "RE: Fogot about osnews"
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They better host some unique content, as otherwise I wouldn't have any regrets in removing their website off my bookmark list.

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RE[2]: Fogot about osnews
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Thu 19th Aug 2010 15:10 in reply to "RE: Fogot about osnews"
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But I'm not blocking the ad. The ad is blocking the content! As a consumer, I do believe that I have the right to protect my computer from malware. There have been several cases of malware delivery via ads. Therefore, I have no other choice but to block ads which could harm my computer.

Just ignore the fact that none of those malware programs were written for my Operating system. That's besides the point.

And as a side note, you cannot tell weather an add is visible or invisible to the user. Any attempt to magically determine that on the webserver is usually doomed.

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