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Internet & Networking We're still in the slow news period, so let's talk about something we discussed before: blocking advertisements on websites. Up until, well, today, I didn't block ads - not because of some ethical objection or whatever, but simply because I couldn't be bothered to setup AdBlock. Today, after taking a closer look at some of the websites I frequent, I decided to take the plunge and install AdBlock on all my machines. The following set of screenshots should pretty much explain why.
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by reez on Wed 18th Aug 2010 15:38 UTC in reply to "."
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(...) you're still leeching their bandwidth. I used adblock up until I actually thought it through.(...)

I also thought about that. However, if they don't want to pay for their bandwidth why do they put up tons of content.

Yeah, I know they have to live from something and I disable Adblock on sites I visit regularly. What I really hate are flash ads and sites that have mainly advertisements without content. That's why I like it. Stripping of advertisements makes it easier to find the actual content ;)

On the long run I am afraid this will cause tons of advertisements in videos (and flash).

It's really a pretty hard topic.

Oh, currently I have no adblock at all, because it doesn't seem to work well using Firefox 4 beta. Most people install it when ads become really annoying. Sounds and movements when you want to read an article. That's stupid!

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