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BSD and Darwin derivatives "Overall - DesktopBSD is a pleasure to run and a breeze to install. It is an excellent choice for a new BSD user, a not terribly sophisticated computer user, or an old salt who just wants a good, solid, reliable desktop that won't take days to install and weeks to configure and just wants to get on with it."
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Ubuntu watch out!
by on Wed 12th Oct 2005 03:55 UTC

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DesktopBSD may just be it! I suggest DesktopBSD studies how Ubuntu succeeded (I mean the non-technical aspects) and see if it can replicate the formula. The way to the masses' hearts is through an easy to use desktop; most people will sacrifice flexibility for something that just works out of the box! I also think it should find a way to solicit meaningful donations (>$10) to fund its work. Perhaps a sponsor list in one of the menus somewhere (make it searchable); look, no one wants to die unknown, and being a guaranteed mentioned name that lives on for posterity might just be appealing enough to many. All in all, great job!

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