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BeOS & Derivatives "Back in mid-2001, when the news that Be Inc. had sold its intellectual property to Palm hit the streets, what many had suspected and rumored for quite some time - that BeOS development was headed towards closure - finally became a reality. This news and the sad realization that it ensued hit hard the developers and users of BeOS; but many of them did not give up on the idea of letting the operating system of their dreams die, and instead embarked on the daunting task of recreating BeOS in an open source fashion. This is how OpenBeOS - now known as the Haiku Project -- was born."
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Happy Birthday
by OSGuy on Thu 19th Aug 2010 11:01 UTC
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Happy birthday Haiku! Best of luck in the future and many more years of happiness!

I am very excited by the way Haiku is progressing. I like the fact that the entire GUI is consistent and is following guidelines and protocols.

You can tell it is a high quality operating system by the way the GUI behaves. For example when you activate a dialog, the moment of activation is snappy (like Windows and Mac OS X), widgets/button sizes are normal (like Windows/Mac OS X) and aligned properly and equaly.

Everything is done with elegance. Well done guys, you are a prime example of what the Linux desktop should have been. Haiku is a prime and only example of an Open Source professionalism. Keep up the good work.

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