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Mozilla & Gecko clones In a recent interview with Mozilla's Chris Blizzard talks about the rising competition by Google Chrome, the evolution of the web platform and the prospects for WebM. He also promises that Firefox 4 will be "one generation ahead" of other browsers in relation to Javascript speed.
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Yes! Your progression sounds like me, right down to trying Opera and Chrome.

If you're like me and have 100 to 300 tabs open at a time, plus 15 extensions and a UI tweaked to suit your workflow then you know that no other browser comes close to competing with Firefox on any level.

I prefer Firefox but when I see such posts I always think it's a joke, until I realize people are seriously having 100+ tabs open at a time. Like, bookmarks would be faster more organized and use less memory (and even cpu at this point, hi js, plugins etc) but people prefer clicking tabs instead of a button ?

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Why would you think that a bookmark replaces a tab?

Bookmarks are highly static and difficult to manage. They appear only when I tell them to and disappear only when I tell them to. Adding them may be a simple keystroke but removing them is not. Reordering tabs is also simple when I want to do that.

Tabs appear in the order in which I browse, which gives me a time-based history of where I was and what I was doing and lets me consume the contents at my leisure. Tabs are more 'obvious' in that I can't forget that they're open.

When I'm working on something--like doing a little research on an error message, I will open 20-30 tabs during the process and close them only when my problem is solved and each individual tab has nothing I may need to refer to soon.

When I am browsing news, like here or slashdot, I open one tab for each story link I want to follow up on plus one for each story comments I want to check. This can be dozens of tabs per day, which is more than I can usually consume in a day. Thus I create an ever-growing backlog of "things to read" that is ordered linearly.

There are a million reasons why tabs are suitable and few why they are not, whereas bookmarks are simply unsutiable. I don't care to remember some damned article forever, just until I get to it. I don't want to forget to delete it and have it sit there polluting my bookmarks DB. I like to keep my bookmarks sorted and tagged, but I don't want to put any work in to properly sorting the dozens of new tabs I create every day. They are not to be preserved! They exist only temporarily.

What's more, a bookmark's title+favicon rarely provide sufficient information. CTRL+TABing through my open tabs list, even when I have 200 tabs, allows me to locate a specific page fairly quickly and definitely lets me get a sense of what each page is for as I look at it. Bookmarks, on the other hand, leave me guessing as to what the page is and what it's for and why I opened it... unless I carefully annotate each bookmark, which is a lot of time consuming work.

I think my point is this: Back off. You may not do it, but it's not silly or stupid. There are those of us who really do need to use a crazy number of open tabs.

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