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Mozilla & Gecko clones In a recent interview with Mozilla's Chris Blizzard talks about the rising competition by Google Chrome, the evolution of the web platform and the prospects for WebM. He also promises that Firefox 4 will be "one generation ahead" of other browsers in relation to Javascript speed.
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If you use a lot of tabs, only Opera is able to handle them. Firefox chokes ages before Opera even starts to flinch.

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But opera is missing (or was missing) almost all of my extensions. What's more, where I can figure out how to customize the firefox UI and behavior to be the way I want it I never could make Opera comfortable. It really suffers from configuration-soup, and this is coming from a "More options == better" kind of guy.

Can I get emacs keybindings in opera? Preferably without manually setting each one. how about fasterfox-style page load timing? I presume it has a greasemonkey analog. How about noscript? Save-page-as-image? Save-selection-as-image? Can I put the nav buttons, address bar and menu bar all on one horizontal line? Can I get one-keystroke delicious bookmarking? Does it have firebug or equivalent? Javascript console? Does it have a batch-saver available that doesn't suck? I need to be able to mass-save files in open tabs (yes, for porn). Is there an intigrated EXIF viewer so I don't need to launch an external tool? Can I zoom images independently of the whole page?

I could go on and on. I use a lot of extensions.

How about things Firefox doesn't do. Can I get CPU or RAM usage per-tab? That would be a killer feature.

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