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Multimedia, AV Earlier today I bought a $10 album from iTumes, which I wish I hadn't. The reviews were glorious, and the previews not indicative. Listening to the album all I could hear was hipster drivel. Obviously, I wanted my money back. Well, bad luck. iTunes won't give refunds. I tweeted about it, and a friend suggested Rdio. Rdio, a brand new streaming service, currently offers a 3-day free trial -- without the need for a credit card. For $5 let's you stream their huge library on your desktop via an Adobe AIR app or browser, and for $10 let's you also stream from Android/BBerry/iOS, plus be able to sync your music with you offline on these devices. Unlike and Pandora, Rdio let's you stream on-demand.
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RE: Why the stab against iTunes?
by roracle on Tue 24th Aug 2010 13:13 UTC in reply to "Why the stab against iTunes?"
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Regardless of agreements and "Terms and Conditions"(much in the way you put quotes around "journalism") the customer is "always right".

And Apple is a bunch of jerks anyways. Mister Jobs is going mad because his vision of the future was thwarted by Microsoft, and now Jobs has has just about lost it and ended up turning Apple into what he hates the most: Big Brother. That's right, welcome to corporate communism...from a tech giant? No thanks, I'll buy from someone else.

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tylerdurden Member since:

Ironically enough, your tangential nonsensical rant tells us more about you -via projection- than Mr. Jobs himself.

Seriously, the real world does not resemble your parent's basement, nor it is run like your school yard. It is sad seen kiddies talk about "Jobs" and "Gates" as if they knew them.

As per the article itself. Seriously, the author could have introduced the service/product without the silly trendy apple-hating red meat bait as an intro.

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Thom_Holwerda Member since:

Hating iTunes has nothing to do with hating Apple. Hating iTunes is universal, and transcends geekdom. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't despise iTunes - other than Apple fanboys, of course.

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The Rdio service was introduced to me BECAUSE of the iTunes situation. So it *IS* part of the story. If I could have had my money back, I would have not looked at Rdio.

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