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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Upgrading all those countless Android devices to version 2.2, or Froyo, hasn't exactly been an easy task for many device makers and carriers. Between flat-out denying devices from Froyoness and already having Froyo updates sent out, Motorola has pretty much lost it. Where companies are incompetent, the geeks that roam the 'net seek to provide solace. What do you do, then, as a company? Why, you threaten your loyal customers with legal action, of course.
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Should have supported Google's Nexus One
by cmost on Tue 24th Aug 2010 15:09 UTC
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I wonder how many disgruntled Motorola customers are wishing they supported Google and purchased the Nexus One. I purchased a Nexus One and received my 'Froyo' 2.2 upgrade the week it came out. My upgrade was smooth and trouble-free. Too bad all these telecoms think they know what's best for users by using custom Android mods that add unneeded / unwanted features or in some cases, strip features. Phone makers should have followed Google's lead and released "vanilla" Android on their phones. Then, upgrading would be easier and Android would be standardized. Now, Android users are finding themselves in a jumbled mess of varying OS versions, long waits for upgrades (if they happen at all) and missing features. Even the hacking community is under attack for picking up after the phone makers' mess and releasing functional upgrades in a timely manner.

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Yes indeed. It's really annoying to see companies fighting like this because they 'think' they know better. It's more about what they want, rather than what the customer wants.

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There's a problem with your "support google"... first google needs to support us and release the damn phone in the rest of the world, as others "google experience" phones...

...and do I need to talk about google Checkout? the lack of comercial market without checkout? I hope I don't need...

...the thing is, google is lefting a lot of users behind, in the hands of companies like motorola as their only Android choice... easy to see how companies like motorola 'do as they please'...

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very well said, +1 for nailing the culprits

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