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Games A rumor has been going around for about four months now that Valve is coming out with a Linux version of Steam and had a lot of people in the Linux community very excited. However Valve have officially killed the rumor. And it is not what people wants to hear - there is no Linux version of Steam in development.
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RE[5]: Too bad.
by nt_jerkface on Tue 24th Aug 2010 18:28 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Too bad."
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Just look at id software. They managed to release all their major games without any trouble (they have only one guy responsible for Linux porting in their team).

Funny how you mentioned iD because it was Loki that brought Quake 3 to Linux and they later went bankrupt trying to sell games to Linux users.

I understand that for a major publisher there is marginal business sense in supporting the Linux platform. It's just not for technical reasons but for how the OS market currently works.

So Linux is just as easy to target as OS X?

Just because Linux occasionally gets a port does not mean that the often complained about technical issues do not exist. Testing alone is a major issue with Linux due to all the different disros and versions. Packaging / static linking is also a major issue when compared to OS X.

I think a blog post from a developer who brought his game to Linux gives better insight:

or the infamous Braid post on porting to Linux:

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RE[6]: Too bad.
by Ford Prefect on Wed 25th Aug 2010 09:48 in reply to "RE[5]: Too bad."
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Loki went bankrupt because their business model failed. Their ports did not have technical problems. However, they had to do a lot of work from which people still profit today: Namely the libSDL.

I talked about iD as they continued to provide their state-of-the-art games for linux after the demise of Loki. With the one developer I mentioned.

Look at the outstanding performance of Doom 3 in Linux, and how it smoothly runs everywhere. See what can be achieved: without much hassle, as iD hat stated before it wouldn't see it worthy to get through much hassle. They only announced the linux version when they already had seen that it can be done with very reasonable efforts.

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