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AMD "You can't say that AMD is ever boring. The company says its next-generation Bulldozer CPU core will take a unique approach to computing that goes beyond Hyper-Threading, which some believe could offer phenomenal performance."
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RE: Holy moley... that was close
by Kivada on Wed 25th Aug 2010 08:53 UTC in reply to "Holy moley... that was close"
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From what I've been reading on HardOCP it'll be the same deal as with the Phenom and the AM2+ sockets, just that you will lose the extra memory bandwidth and some of the power optimizations so overclocking will be inhibited.

I'd say that an 8 core/4 module chip would be the most you would want on a dual channel board anyway, even with DDR3 2Ghz CAS 7-9-7-24 it would be constrained by most of the readership here with virtual machines, protein folding and video editing.

While I'm hoping that they can at least level the playing field with Intel AMD really needs to get on top of marketing and get the ball rolling on OpenCL.

Right now AMD is the only game in town with the complete set of CPU, GPU and chipset and thus have the option of doing some very interesting things.

Its that or we can start praying that Nvidia and VIA merge so we can have a 3rd option in the x86 market. Though it would likely take the resulting company 2 years to come out with a solid CPU and chipset combo for the mid range, but it'd take longer to actually compete at the high end.

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The bad news is that it won't be compatible with existing AM3 boards. Instead, AMD says it will introduce a new AM3+ socket. These sockets will be backward compatible with older chips so you could drop a Phenom II X6 in it.

They are saying the new socket will be "backward compatible" but that bulldozer NEEDS it to work. ;)

And I so hope this CPU series is solid. I don't need it to burn the i7s, I'd like to see it perform better than the 930 and I will be happy.

The idea of Nvidia and VIA is nice... It would be great to have some real competition going again to give Intel something to sweat about.

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You guys over estimate the desktop market. It's basically saturated, purchases are almost entirely replacements, not new machines. Profit in this sector is very limited...the desktop is commodity. nvidia taking on amd and intel would likely be suicide, especially with how weak via really is.

The "new war" is in portable computing devices, ala smart phones. It's a very different market with more room for innovation.

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