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Multimedia, AV A couple of days ago we talked about how the RIAA and NAB are planning on asking US Congress to mandate FM radio chips inside every cell phone. This plan was met with some ridicule, so the NAB decided to write a blog post addressing the critics. Most of the post is overshadowed by an overdose of America's favourite national pastime: WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE. 9/11!
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Public Safety?
by deathshadow on Thu 26th Aug 2010 04:46 UTC
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If their alleged reason for this is public safety, why the blue blazes are they talking FM? I'm sorry, but using that as an excuse is pure bull.

Why? Because I still have a perfectly good working NOAA radio here... and if that's what they are using as justification, then that's what it should be set to recieve - NOT FM.

For those of you unfamiliar with it or outside the US, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Runs a radio service in the VHF public service band around 160mhz. (that's in the top end of the marine band, which is at the bottom of the 90mhz gap between TV channels 6 and 7, which you could pick up on older TV's by manually downtuning channel 6) It is tied directly in most areas to the EAS (Emergency Alert System).

As someone who grew up on the eastern seaboard (Cape Cod) far enough south for hurricanes, far enough north for blizzards I know VHF weather radio all too well. Used to be you could pick them up at radio shack for two bucks and they'd run for a week on a single D battery. (late 70's/early 80's for me) Don't even want to think about how long a modern LiPo could power one if all other services were turned off.

So their pointing at FM as what people should be turning to is just another bullshit reason to further their agenda that isn't the least bit in the interest of the consumer OR the economy. Much like shoving HD down everyone's throat it's just another way for them to spend government money to ship more worth overseas while further depreciating the dollar.

But like many of the things the legislature has it's hands in like marriage, I really have to ask "How the **** is this any of the governments business?" and of course "War on two fronts and the economy in the shitter, don't you think you've got better things to do than waste time arguing about what cell phones can or cannot do?"

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RE: Public Safety?
by Neolander on Thu 26th Aug 2010 06:42 in reply to "Public Safety?"
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+1. FM is an extremely poor technological choice in case of an emergency, especially when FM is coupled with modern cellphone technology that a/requires earphones that most people lose within the first month after purchase in order to receive FM and b/generally doesn't last more than 2 days on battery power, except using some power management trick that most people don't know or think about.

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