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Legal Most of us here are not particularly big fans of the concept of patents. Most of us are aware of the significance of patents, we just believe the system has gone out of control and needs a serious kick in the butt. Well, it turns out not even the richest people on this earth are immune to the call of the patent troll. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has filed a massive patent lawsuit, using broad and vague patents to sue just about any big name in the business - from Apple to Google.
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by poundsmack on Fri 27th Aug 2010 22:19 UTC
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There is now a third thing to be sure of in this life besides "death" and "taxes" ...Thing #3, the computer and technology industry will never have a single day of the year without some ongoing lawsuit. if you used half as much money as your spending on court fees in R&D you'd have the potential to have made a product that could carry your company into the future, instead of attempting to leverage something so far from the past and patent troll the hell out of the industry... this mind set has to change people...

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