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Internet & Networking When Google and Verizon unveiled their joint net neutrality policy proposal, in which the FCC would play a central role in governing the internet, I mentioned how the the FCC might not be the kind of institution you'd want to hand over control to over your pornography life line (also known as the internet). Over the past few days, the FCC pretty much reiterated just why they are no the right people to govern the web.
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by jaklumen on Sat 28th Aug 2010 18:36 UTC
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If you'd get off your "suppression of porn" and "the U.S. is so backwards with X/Y/Z" rants, I might find your articles would be more interesting, Thom.

The dead horse isn't just beaten, it's being whipped to a bloody pulp. Ditch the clich├ęs, trite phrases, and verbal tics that would basically make it easy for a ghost writer to come in and write your articles.

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RE: *facepalms*
by olefiver on Sat 28th Aug 2010 21:42 in reply to "*facepalms*"
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His articles _are_ written by a ghost writer.

Thoms "... crippling addiction to heroin, cocaine, and unicorn dust" tragically led to his death back in 2009. Not from OD, but from being impaled on a unicorn horn.

That's right kids of usa. If not for the FCC you'd all be gored by rabid unicorns hopped-up on coke and crack.

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