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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Highly innovative but remarkably illusive - that's how I describe the webOS. The operating system never made its way to The Netherlands, and as such, I never got to try it. Now that Palm is part of HP, development on webOS continues, and the company has just detailed what's coming for developers in version 2.0.
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It's good to see webOS getting some updates. I had high hopes for the Pre, but wound up getting an iPhone because I didn't like the hardware. The processor was slow and there wasn't enough memory to handle the multitasking well. It was sluggish and jerky. I hated the tiny keys on the keyboard and the whole thing just felt cheap and not very substantial. Contrast with my 3GS which feels solid. I think Palm should work on another slider, but with build quality more like the new Torch. They should also consider a model with a larger screen with on-screen keyboard. Not sure if HP is going to try being a contender in the smartphone market, or if we'll just see webOS on tablets.

But put webOS on some faster, higher quality hardware and it could do well. It certainly doesn't help that the Pre, Pixi (and plus models) have been relegated to the carriers' smartphone bargain bins...

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