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Apple "When it comes to Apple products, the iPad and the iPhone get all the headlines. But in recent years, the company's Macintosh line of computers has enjoyed a remarkable revival that has been vital to Apple's emergence as the most valued technology company on Wall Street. In the latest sign of that comeback, Autodesk plans to announce on Tuesday that it is bringing its flagship AutoCAD design and engineering software to the Mac for the first time in nearly two decades."
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Alas, since it runs X fine, you can always run most linux tools on a remote X session, since they are not that graphically intensive anyways.


We are still talking about OSX's one-legged implementation of X, right ? The one where you can't even simultaneously use a mouse and a pen tablet in X without pointer positioning getting completely wrong ? Where it requires two clicks to click a button in an utility window ?

Seeing GIMP run on top of it, I've always thought that it was coded by some random guy ages ago and left by Apple as an afterthought, in order to say "Look, we are geeky !". In my opinion, anyone in their right mind wishing to port software on OSX should just ignore its existence and use native libraries right away.

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No, I am talking about running a remote X session on a server running the CAE software, and displaying it an OSX box.

I have had ZERO issues running X clients on my OSX desktop. So I have no clue what you are talking about. Then again, I don't run X clients locally on that box.

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