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Legal Just when you thought the Amiga world was finally getting its act together, finally making things a little less obtuse for outsiders, this happens. So, we have the AmigaOne X1000 coming up, a brand-new PowerPC computer, running the real deal - AmigaOS 4. In the meantime, Commodore USA - the one with the sketchy website - has apparently secured rights to the Amiga hardware brand, and is planning to release Amiga-branded computers running AROS. In the meantime, Hyperion, the Belgium company behind AmigaOS, who is working with A-eon on the AmigaOne X1000, claims this is a clear violation of the settlement between them and Amiga Inc., and has notified its US lawyers.
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ok. so what we have here is some character in florida running a furniture company out his house. he contracts with chinese manufacturers to stick his label on them, print cardboard boxes with his logo, and voila.

and now he's using the same playbook with 'commodore USA' calling himself a CEO and taking chinese OEM PCs, sticking a label on them, and calling them commodores. oh, and taking trademarks and graphics from people without their permission -- presumably so they can contact him later. if they care. because he doesn't. he's conned some poor schmo from australia who is a regular on one of the amiga enthusiast boards to be his 'CTO' after the guy kept emailing him. and the poor guy actually thinks he's part of something legit.

bill mcewen must be desperate for money. i can't imagine that even he would get in bed with an operation like this. and that's assuming the 'press release' was actually truthful. which, given the history of 'commodore USA,' isn't a given.

oh, and if anyone wants to see the corporate headquarters of barry's furniture and computing empire, try this link from .

yeah. CEO. return of commodore. enjoy your chinese white-box goods folks. that sticker is gonna let barry pay his mortgage this month.

-- eliyahu

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Sounds familiar... is he brother to the guys who were selling the Mac clones?

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