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Apple "When it comes to Apple products, the iPad and the iPhone get all the headlines. But in recent years, the company's Macintosh line of computers has enjoyed a remarkable revival that has been vital to Apple's emergence as the most valued technology company on Wall Street. In the latest sign of that comeback, Autodesk plans to announce on Tuesday that it is bringing its flagship AutoCAD design and engineering software to the Mac for the first time in nearly two decades."
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RE[2]: Qt might be the reason
by Elv13 on Wed 1st Sep 2010 19:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Qt might be the reason"
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They are not big enough, you DDoSsed the sites just by posting the links. If I were a CIO or IT manager, I would not trust a product that can be DDoSsed that easily.

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Some people have little understanding on the reality of business and the cost of tools.

That is why you hear kids complain that a pro graphics car (a Quadro or FireGL) is so expensive, they don't understand that the business buying these boards... depend on them to generate tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per seat, so in the big scheme of things a couple thousand dollars is a minimal investment for such return. And that is where the difference is, the mindset of a kid with a small disposable income of a few hundred bucks to spend of a 3D gaming card is not necessarily the same as the purchasing approach for a business.

Also, one thing that Autodesk has is support, and lots of it.

Cheap cad packages may make sense for individual or fledging/starting operations. But when you are making designs which costs hundreds or millions of dollars, a couple thousand bucks really is not that big of an investment.

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Couldn't agree more.

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