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Legal Well, this was rather unexpected. As it turns out, Commodore USA's CEO Barry Altman isn't particularly pleased about the article I wrote earlier today in which I placed a considerable amount of scepticism with regards to Commodore USA and its business (and website). He (not his lawyer) sent us a threatening email demanding we take down the article, post a new correction article, the whole shebang. The entire email - as an image, you'll want the original formatting - after the break. Our reply? We refer you to the reply given in the case of Arkell v. Pressdram.
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sad but legitimate
by paolone on Wed 1st Sep 2010 22:03 UTC
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Thom, Thom... there are mistakes that journalists may pay with money, lots of money, and one of these mistakes is frankly doubting about the honesty of a third party (being it a individual or a company), or openly state you don't trust him/her. You can in your mind, but you can't write it and spread it to the world. When dealing with such a matter, you should follow some basic journalism rules, which are "ask everyone you can and inform yourself before, the best way you can", "collect all informations and evidences you need" and then "adhere to the reality and place things as you wish". Altman has all the rights to ask you for removal if the article doesn't lay on solid facts, it's not censorship, is just everybody's right to defend themselves from free criticism and badmouthing.

Let Commodore USA site talk for itself and just look what they are doing next. You might be proven right or wrong, but you won't be hrut by this.

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RE: sad but legitimate
by Morgan on Wed 1st Sep 2010 22:42 in reply to "sad but legitimate"
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Here's the problem with your argument: Thom never said "it's a sketchy website and I can prove it!"

He stated his opinion, and in editorials (which most of his articles are) you can say how you perceive something all day long without it being libelous. Pick up any newspaper and turn to the editorials page; you'll find some of the most respected journalists in the field saying exactly what they think and feel about something, and the worst that happens to them is a letter from a reader making a counterpoint.

If that weren't the case, there would be no such thing as editorials because all the newspapers and journalists (and bloggers) would have been sued out of business long ago.

The USA (where OSNews is based) happens to be a country where such rights are protected. Therefore, Altman's demand holds no water, especially given that he doesn't even know what state to quote law from.

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RE: sad but legitimate
by Soulbender on Thu 2nd Sep 2010 03:22 in reply to "sad but legitimate"
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there are mistakes that journalists may pay with money

Well, a) OSnews is not an american newspaper and b) Thom is not a journalist.
Sure, Altman has the right to ask but Thom and osnews has the right to ignore him. Especially if osnews is not hosted in the U.S. (Is it? I dunno)
Thom is allowed to express his opinions in any way and form he see fit.

is just everybody's right to defend themselves from free criticism

Defending yourself from criticism would mean refuting Thom's claim, not just sending a blanket takedown notice. Of course, anyone with half a brain can see that it IS a very shady outfit so there's no real defense available to them.

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