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Apple Well, this is an interesting double standard. Remember Apple's reaction to Palm trying to tap into iTunes? They were pretty pissed, right? Well, it seems that in Apple's world, it's not okay to access their services unauthorised, but when Apple needs to do the same to someone else's services, it's suddenly not a problem. As it turns out, Apple violated Facebook's terms of service, knowingly, and willingly.
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"And yeah, you guessed it. Slow day."
by mrhasbean on Fri 3rd Sep 2010 00:16 UTC
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I'm glad they ignored the flash article. It's just blatant trolling for views. It's not shockingly bad, and anything stating it is just pandering. Now a case can be made that it's bad, or substandard, but anyone putting it at either perfection or horror is blinded by their own ideology.

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Did you care to read the comments or watch the "counterexample" video?

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I watched that and then compared it to the YouTube link provided by some of the others who have replied to your post - it is pretty clear there is something wrong with that guys internet connection given that all other examples I've seen of it being used there aren't the major issues he is having. Even for me as a long time Flash hater, 10.1 on my MacBook is very fast and reliable on 10.6 due to the ability now for plugins to access Core Animation and other goodies that offload onto the GPU many of the things.

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