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Apple Well, this is an interesting double standard. Remember Apple's reaction to Palm trying to tap into iTunes? They were pretty pissed, right? Well, it seems that in Apple's world, it's not okay to access their services unauthorised, but when Apple needs to do the same to someone else's services, it's suddenly not a problem. As it turns out, Apple violated Facebook's terms of service, knowingly, and willingly.
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RE: Evil
by Laurence on Fri 3rd Sep 2010 09:08 UTC in reply to "Evil"
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I'm not sure about a stupid comment more of a meaningless comment - and I full admit to describing Apple as evil myself. What does evil mean, evil like Mengele, Stalin, evil like Serial killers, sadistic torturers what does evil mean in this context?

If evil means narrowly selfish, banal, incapable of or unwilling grasping the needs others or your effect on others then that would about fit. Arguably that would be a significant subset of the evil of Mengele etc.

Sure Apple are the opposite end of the "evil" spectrum to Stalin, but most of these definitions still fit:

In all honesty though, I suspect Thom was using the geek slang "evil" as opposed to the literal definition.
IIRC (unable to confirm as is blocked at work), "evil" is also used as a euphemism for a large, powerful and controlling organisation. Much like "man" was used a few decades back when youths used to exclaim "I'm sticking it to the man".

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