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Legal Despite doing what I think are some great things for the American people, the Obama administration has a dark side. Joe Biden and many others on staff come straight from the RIAA camp, and it shows. Today, the Obama administration disregarded every US law relating to theft and copyright by stating that piracy is "flat, unadulterated theft".
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Brave new world
by umccullough on Fri 3rd Sep 2010 21:27 UTC
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Food for thought, to all those who believe content needs stronger copyright restrictions...

We've entered the era where information retention and retrieval is becoming more and more important to humankind.

Imagine that eventually we'll all have some kind of personal information storage/retrieval device that we carry with us (or even have implanted in us!) - perhaps we use these devices to store all the information we encounter on a daily basis, stuff we see, stuff we hear, etc... and then we use these devices to recall information during our standard routine.

The copyright laws that we define today will greatly impact what we can do with the technology tomorrow. Reading a book, watching a video, or hearing a song already makes a copy in our brains that we can bring to the front of our minds whenever we want to recall it. Unfortunately our memories aren't always so foolproof like digital storage, and tend to degrade - but who says it will always be that way?

We have to have a progressive view of this stuff. We have to realize that purchasing a physical item in order to experience content is no longer a reality - humans want to spread information (content), they want to communicate it to each other. It's a natural tendency to repeat what you've heard/seen to another individual. The methods that we do that is often via a digital medium these days, and content/information creators are gonna have to live with it one way or another.

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