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KDE "KDE has released a series of updates to the Plasma Desktop and Netbook workspaces, the KDE Applications and the KDE Platform. This update is the first in a series of stabilization updates to 4.5.0, coming every month, as if delivered by a cronjob. 4.5.1 brings bugfixes and translation updates on top of KDE SC 4.5.0."
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I would love it if a well-known standard like VESA or OpenGL specified how software communicates with hardware for 3D acceleration too, but I think it's a dream. Hobby OSs should do their best with VESA standards and forget 3D acceleration until they've got sufficient momentum.

I'm not sure what hobby OSs should do, but my Kubuntu Linux installation has got usable 3D acceleration installed via the open source xf86-video-ati driver from Xorg.

Although it is not yet as fast as the closed binary driver, it does enable the driver to be part of the Linux kernel, and the KDE 4.4 desktop uses this graphics hardware acceleration to very good effect.

Through the implementation of kernel mode-setting, an in-kernel GPU memory manager and other newer X innovations, it has recently become possible for open source graphics drivers to be run "rootless" (i.e. run with only ordinary user privileges).

"It looks like we may be seeing root-less X Servers in the near future."

This feature alone makes open source graphics drivers worthwhile.

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