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Apple Well, this is an interesting double standard. Remember Apple's reaction to Palm trying to tap into iTunes? They were pretty pissed, right? Well, it seems that in Apple's world, it's not okay to access their services unauthorised, but when Apple needs to do the same to someone else's services, it's suddenly not a problem. As it turns out, Apple violated Facebook's terms of service, knowingly, and willingly.
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RE[4]: I suppose...
by kaiwai on Sat 4th Sep 2010 06:24 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: I suppose..."
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Uh, actually iTunes existed before the iPod.

From Apples own site:

Apple Announces iTunes 2
Best Digital Music Software Gets Even Better

CUPERTINO, California—October 23, 2001—Apple today announced iTunes™ 2, the next generation of its award-winning digital music software for the Mac® that has been distributed to over six million users. iTunes 2 adds the three most requested features from iTunes users: MP3 CD burning, an equalizer and cross fading.

But iTunes 2’s most stunning new feature is its seamless integration with iPod™, Apple’s new breakthrough portable MP3 player.

Stunning new feature indeed.

Gee, a press release from 9 years ago - you know exactly where I am going to tell you where to shove the damn thing. We are talking about NOW, the policy NOW not 9 years ago, no 10 years ago, not back when you were wanking over Susy Smith at highschool - we're talking about what the policy from Apple is *TODAY!*

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RE[5]: I suppose...
by spagnolia on Sat 4th Sep 2010 23:24 in reply to "RE[4]: I suppose..."
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You're real touchy today. I was commenting on your statement:

iTunes was never designed by Apple as something to be used with non-Apple products.

If it came out before there was an iPod, then it's impossible to be designed for only Apple hardware.

They didn't even create the original, they bought it off someone else.

I just think it's bad form to lock out other vendors that are just trying to sync with iTunes, when it was possible in the past. They just did it to push iPods.

They also allowed Motorola to have iTunes on their phone -- until iPhone came out, of course.

I just think Apple looks really whiny (like a certain other commenter here) when they turnaround is on them

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