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Internet Explorer We already know quite a few details about Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft's upcoming attempt to retain - or grow - its market share in the browser world. Standards and speed are the main focus of IE9, and if a video of the upcoming beta release is anything to go by, they're doing pretty well. Just... Did they just manage to make the interface even less appealing?
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I think it's fake
by pysiak on Tue 7th Sep 2010 19:04 UTC
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I think it's fake because you can get the IE rendering engine and make a mockup of IE.

Note, the demo does not use tabs. I bet it's just a window with embedded IE object with a skin from IE8, hence no tabs, no nothing.

We used to make IE clones at the first year of C# programming, the same way people started doing all the videoplayers with subtitles, etc...

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I think it's real
by RichterKuato on Tue 7th Sep 2010 20:31 in reply to "I think it's fake"
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That video isn't the only leak of the new interface you know, look:

It was spotted on some official Russian Microsoft blog a while back (Aug 25). It looks exactly like that the one in the video. It spread around fast before they took down the post and yes everyone was talking about has badly tight the tabs were too.

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