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Internet & Networking I attended VM World last week, and as you might imagine, it was "cloud computing" this and "cloud computing" that the whole time. The hype factor for the cloud is in overdrive right now. But is it warranted? A lot of people, even tech-oriented ones, outside of the data center sysadmin types, wonder what all the hype is about. I've come to believe that cloud computing is major computing revolution, but for most computing users, it's an invisible one.
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Cloudy day
by sakeniwefu on Tue 7th Sep 2010 22:23 UTC
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To me the worst aspect of the "cloud" as it is sold now is that you are wasting perfectly powerful computers with plenty of storage as thin clients of overloaded servers. I guess storage makes more sense, but only for backups.

Let's not forget that the "cloud" was standard practice once, and it lost to personal computers.

Wake me up when they get more aggressive and say start selling company controlled "cheap" computers that would load a synced environment for that individual user but at the same time use "his" computer as a backup server for other people's data. They only need P2P technology, DRM, buzzwords and a shitload of cash.

Umm that sounds a lot like Google Chrome only more evil.

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RE: Cloudy day
by Flatland_Spider on Wed 8th Sep 2010 14:07 in reply to "Cloudy day"
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The only app, I've seen, that really takes advantage of the cloud is Panda's Cloud AV. It makes AV scanning a group effort. It's like FOSS development for virus scanning, and the concept is really cool from a security stand point.

Zonbu is already kind of doing that. You can buy a thin client from them, pre-configured system, or use your own system to access a virtual desktop.

There are many legal issues, user issues, and licensing issues which prevent cloud computing from living up to your expectations. For instance, botnets could be considered a type of cloud computing, and we are all aware of how those are used.

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