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Internet & Networking I attended VM World last week, and as you might imagine, it was "cloud computing" this and "cloud computing" that the whole time. The hype factor for the cloud is in overdrive right now. But is it warranted? A lot of people, even tech-oriented ones, outside of the data center sysadmin types, wonder what all the hype is about. I've come to believe that cloud computing is major computing revolution, but for most computing users, it's an invisible one.
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When it comes to hosting very few businesses need more than a VPS.

Managed dedicated hosting is nothing new, you get a single instance and the hosting company handles the rest.

Cloud computing is more useful to companies that require a heavy amount of shared processing. But even in many of those cases it is not going to be cost effective given how cheap gigabit and multi-core cpus have become.

Cloud computing is supposed to bring in the age of the web app but people said the same thing about RoR, Java and AJAX.

Cloud based backup services are useful but that is nothing new either.

I saw an endorsement somewhere for cloud computing that stated small businesses now have access to the same level of data centers as fortune 500 companies! And why the hell would the typical small business need access to that type of data center?

So overall I think cloud computing is mostly hype even though it is useful in some cases. If it gets popular dedicated hosting companies still have a lot of room to cut their prices.

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