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Internet Explorer We already know quite a few details about Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft's upcoming attempt to retain - or grow - its market share in the browser world. Standards and speed are the main focus of IE9, and if a video of the upcoming beta release is anything to go by, they're doing pretty well. Just... Did they just manage to make the interface even less appealing?
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RE[4]: Comment by Kroc
by nt_jerkface on Wed 8th Sep 2010 01:23 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by Kroc"
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It isn't terrible web page coding, it has more to do with economics.

Ultra wide resolutions are routinely ignored just like IE6 because they are such a small percentage of visitors.

Yes I know about relative widths but that won't help fixed content like image files. Even if all images were vector files you would still have all sorts of optimization issues.

Webpages are built around 14-17 inch screens. That's just the reality of the situation and it won't be changing anytime soon. As laptops continue to be favored over desktops the situation will likely get worse. I hate browsing on ultra-wide monitors for this very reason.

I have actually found that I am more productive on a smaller monitor due to less eye strain from the reduced amount of glare. If I work all day on a 23" monitor my eyeballs feel like they sat through a dozen movies.

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