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Linux "Linux Mint Debian Edition comes with a Debian base, which we transformed into a live media and on top of which we added a new installer. It's rougher and in some aspects not as user-friendly as our other editions, it's very young but it will improve continuously and rapidly, and it brings us one step closer to a situation where we're fully in control of the system without being impacted by upstream decisions." It's a rolling release, so expect continuous updates. Not a new concept by a long shot, but it's interesting to see a distribution like Mint try this out.
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Excellent News
by BigDaddy on Wed 8th Sep 2010 17:13 UTC
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I stopped using Ubuntu (which Mint is based on of course) because of the guaranteed breakage every 6 months if you updated. There seems to be an inordinate amount of regressions with each new release. Mint has become big enough that they can go straight to Debian proper and do their "magic". I only use Mint on my kids PC (PCLOS elsewhere), but this is exciting enough to have me consider using it on some other machines.

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RE: Excellent News
by leech on Thu 9th Sep 2010 12:29 in reply to "Excellent News"
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Agreed. The funny thing is, since Linux Mint Debian Edition is based on Debian, and is a 'rolling release' it puts it up more with Sidux, and really is probably going to overall more stable than Ubuntu.

You're lucky if you only had regressions every 6 months, I've had friends (myself, I usually use Debian or Arch Linux these days) that have had simple updates break installs.

When the Ubuntu project started, their initial goals were pretty straight forward; make a Debian based system with the most current gnome.

The problem is, they have rapidly become unstable because they don't have anywhere near as many developers / contributors as gnome, and so they ended up breaking a lot of compatibility between packages. So occasionally you'll see an 'ubuntu.deb' file that won't install on normal debian. I propose they should change their package extension to ubt. Just kidding, but still....

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