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Google Hold on to your security blanket, people, because Google is rolling out a pretty big change to its search engine. Not too long ago the internet was in a shock because Google rolled out a new feature that allowed you to pick a background image for the Google home page, just like Microsoft's Bing. Google went a lot further today, and has launched Google Instant, adding search-before-you-type results to the Google home page.
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Best search engine?
by reez on Wed 8th Sep 2010 19:59 UTC
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I have tried a lot of search engines in the last years and most of them were not comparable. Usually I am not the one who hypes website, but recently I found DuckDuckGo which is awesome in any way. I mean it like that. If you care about search results, privacy, faster browsing of the results or even knowing stuff without having to click through the links to find what you want to know.

It's not too known yet, but it is the only search engine I have seen that could really compete with Google. So to people who already gave up looking for good alternatives. Try it!

I switched to it as my primary search engine when I didn't have to go through any search result (thanks to zero-click) to find out how I get git (the version control system) to do what I want.

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RE: Best search engine
by drcouzelis on Wed 8th Sep 2010 20:34 in reply to "Best search engine?"
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I, too, think the new instant search feature of Google is nice.

I, too, switched to Duck Duck Go about six months ago and find it to be the best search engine for my needs.

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RE: Best search engine?
by loathsome on Thu 9th Sep 2010 01:09 in reply to "Best search engine?"
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I also switched. Google gets creepier and creepier everyday. I just could not do it anymore.

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