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Internet & Networking I attended VM World last week, and as you might imagine, it was "cloud computing" this and "cloud computing" that the whole time. The hype factor for the cloud is in overdrive right now. But is it warranted? A lot of people, even tech-oriented ones, outside of the data center sysadmin types, wonder what all the hype is about. I've come to believe that cloud computing is major computing revolution, but for most computing users, it's an invisible one.
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You Get what you build
by kaelodest on Thu 9th Sep 2010 05:22 UTC
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Or maybe what you own. I like the cloud for some things, like my address book or my my email, and generic Apps with a nice AJAX interface, But I have several usb drives (16 - 32 GB) that sit on my keys and are usually rsync'd to a folder in ~/Key_Drive - It may be insecure and possibly innefficient or it may be perfect, because I cannot do something trusted on 'your' machine. And I do not expect trust on 'Their' Data Center. If I lose my key_drive, it is a $30 commodity loss and I get full ROI by the third or fourth usage. None of what I do publicly is expected to be private. unless I elect to encrypt it - which triggers many U.S. Government red flags (and only if I mail you my 'key' or put it on a key drive and then hand deliver it to you I can't really expect privacy or security)

I guess for the user the Cloud is New and Great and (dare I say) Sexy but it will always feel like a thin client on a leaky network.

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