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Linux Ahem. I just had to write that all-caps headline. Broadcom's wireless chips - used by just about everybody in this industry - have been a major pain in the bum for Linux users, because the company did not release open source drivers. Workarounds had to be created, lots of pain was had in the process, but now, Broadcom has finally seen the light: they have open sourced their wireless Linux drivers.
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RE: Comment by Darkmage
by tux68 on Fri 10th Sep 2010 02:20 UTC in reply to "Comment by Darkmage"
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This doesn't just leave nvidia, there's still all the tv tuner companies that don't have open drivers or drivers in general. Look at Philips among other manufacturers.

You're right. But Broadcom and nVidia were two very large and important holdouts relative to the other players.

For video card support Linux needs the open source stack to implement things like opengl 4.1.

It'll happen. But it would happen a lot faster if there wasn't so much wasted energy going into creating open source drivers for video cards. A huge amount of time has been wasted by very talented programmers on reverse engineering ATI and nVidia devices.

Why would nvidia open their driver so their competitors can start offering opengl 4.1 and cuda?
The community should already have implemented this stuff in the open source drivers.

For the same reasons that AMD opened their drivers and technical manuals.

Often the fear of openness is much worse than the reality. There is still lots of room for product differentiation at the hardware level.

Hiding the source will only work until a critical mass of people appreciate and demand open source solutions. With companies like AMD contributing such solutions, the taste for them will surely grow over time.

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RE[2]: Comment by Darkmage
by lemur2 on Fri 10th Sep 2010 02:22 in reply to "RE: Comment by Darkmage"
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For the same reasons that AMD opened their drivers and technical manuals.

Nitpick: AMD did not open their drivers, only their technical programming manuals. AMD did, however, release some SDK-like demo code as open source. This code was not a driver.

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