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Legal EULAs, and whatever nonsense they may contain, are legally binding in the US. Have a great weekend!
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Criminal? Not me.
by lemur2 on Sat 11th Sep 2010 08:12 UTC
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With this ruling, I think pretty much every OSNews reader has been turned into a criminal - I can assure you each and every one of us has, at one point, violated one of the licenses of our software.

I have valid licenses for all of the software I use. Most of it is GPL or BSD licensed, I have never re-distributed any software, and I have unconditional permissions to run the software on as many of my machines as I please.

AFAIK there is only one EULA for any piece of software that I use, and that is the EULA for Adobe's Flash plugin. Since I use that only for viewing Flash content within my web browser, which is its very purpose, AFAIK I haven't once violated any condition at all in any of my software licenses.

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