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Apple At a special press event Apple unveiled several new products today. They updated the entire iMac line, equipping them with 1.9 to 2.1 Ghz G5 processors, iPod-like 6-button remote control, built-in iSight and thinner enclosures. Apple also introduced new iPods, capable of playing 320x240 MPEG4/H.264 video, and it has a video-OUT. iTunes 6 is available now, and already there are 2000 music videos available in the iTMS. You will also be able to buy TV shows from the iTMS. Update: Sad news for the fans of the original CRT iMac: it seems that the eMac has been phased out. It is no longer available on the Apple Store website.
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New Powermacs anyone?
by MikeGA on Wed 12th Oct 2005 19:18 UTC
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The interesting thing I think (when looking at the specs) is that surely the Powermacs have to be upgraded pretty soon? Consider:

PowerMac: DDR 400 RAM
iMac: DDR2 RAM

PowerMac: PCI & AGP
iMac: PCIe graphics

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RE: New Powermacs anyone?
by Johann Chua on Thu 13th Oct 2005 01:14 in reply to "New Powermacs anyone?"
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DDR2 doesn't have much benefit for desktop systems, though it is great for good performance with low power consumption. Makes it ideal for the iMac G5, especially with the new slimmer design.

I don't think we'll see PowerPC Power Macs with PCIe since the MacIntels will probably be able to use regular (rather than Mac-specific) PCIe videocards as long as drivers are available.

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