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Legal EULAs, and whatever nonsense they may contain, are legally binding in the US. Have a great weekend!
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RE[5]: US Justice System
by dylansmrjones on Sun 12th Sep 2010 09:29 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: US Justice System"
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Am I right in saying that no European systems work like this? They use Civil Law, or some such.

Well, most of the european countries use Civil Law. UK and Ireland relies on Common Law and the scandinavian countries are somewhere in between, using a wonderfully disintegrated blend of semi-codified customs and attempts at cleaning up the mess and add some romano-germanic structure. It's been going on for approx. 8 centuries and it gets messier every year. Unlike other Civil Law countries the scandinavian countries don't have an integrated Civil Code.

EDIT: Hmm.. Wikipedia is calling the scandinavian system for "intermediate". That's a very kind way of putting it :p

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RE[6]: US Justice System
by M.Onty on Sun 12th Sep 2010 20:57 in reply to "RE[5]: US Justice System"
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That's curious. And directed me to the Wiki page concerned. Apparently Mongolia has a justice system based entirely on custom. Sounds interesting as, presumably, the common people can change the law simply by ignoring it for long enough. What an ideal way of ensuring ridiculous laws (like, for example, one banning the resale of software) get struck off the books!

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