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General Development Technologists fear (and loathe) that which has no purpose. Why must some insist in deriding an operating system like Haiku that doesn't fit their particular needs or precepts of what has a purpose, when, it's advanced enough to have a decent web-browser and productivity software? Today I shall be further offending these people's tastes with a look into LoseThos--a pure 64-bit, preemptive-multitasking, multicored PC operating system that is intended to be used as a secondary operating system for user's recreational programming on their best PC while dual booting a primary system such as Linux or Windows where they do networking and other modern activities such as multimedia. Yes, LoseThos has no networking, no security of any kind, and VGA graphics; but it certainly has a purpose: to be fun! (for programmers, at least)
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RE: Why ?
by Kroc on Sun 12th Sep 2010 20:04 UTC in reply to "Why ?"
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Why did your parents have you? There are billions of people in the world already, could’ve donated all the money from your development to more needy people.

Linux was once a new OS in a sea of other OSes with people saying what’s the point?

You‘ve completely missed the point (and didn’t read the article because I went into it quite a bit), the point is that there doesn’t have to be one. His time is his to spend how he wants; and who knows, he may just end up inventing a bit of code that totally revolutionises the OS world. Yours is not the power to decide.

Now what are you doing on OSnews? There’s Linux bugs to be fixed—quick, quick, hurry!

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by boulabiar on Sun 12th Sep 2010 20:50 in reply to "RE: Why ?"
RE[3]: Why ?
by modmans2ndcoming on Mon 13th Sep 2010 00:44 in reply to "RE[2]: Why ?"
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I can still hide some weeks and create a new OS... people might not find it as functional as windows or OS X or even Linux, but it can be done.

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RE[3]: Why ?
by BallmerKnowsBest on Mon 13th Sep 2010 15:25 in reply to "RE[2]: Why ?"
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But I'm still surprised how you have answered my comment. Next time you will kill people who think different than you do...

Quick, someone call the waaaaaahmbulance!

He drew a parallel between a software pet-project and a child, so you conclude he wants to kill people who disagree with him? Damn, how alarmist and melodramatic can you get?

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