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Apple The iPhone jailbreak community is on a roll lately. Not only did the US Library of Congress do the right thing by adding the jailbreaking DMCA exemption, the two major jailbreak application stores - Rock and Cydia - will merge into one. Cydia will acquire Rock, an all Rock applications will be moved into Cydia. There's also some impressive statistics in here that indicate just how popular jailbreaking really is.
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RE[5]: Well...
by Thom_Holwerda on Sun 12th Sep 2010 20:12 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Well..."
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The enabling technologies may have been there long ago. The app store concept may not be their invention (perhaps in the same way that they did not invent the GUI that made the Mac so successful). But that does not change the fact that Apple's app store is the first commercially viable implementation of an online app store that targets consumers, and a very successful one at that too.

There's a world of difference between "successfully implemented for the first time" and "invented".

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RE[6]: Well...
by koki on Sun 12th Sep 2010 23:42 in reply to "RE[5]: Well..."
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There's a world of difference between "successfully implemented for the first time" and "invented".

Tony Swash does not seem to be making the assertion that Apple invented the idea of app stores, but that their model, which is of Apple's makings, results in a better return for developers as well better value and user experience for end users. In such a context, his "If the App Store had not been invented..." sentence is semantically acceptable.

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