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Legal With bad news after bad news when it comes to consumer rights in relation to software and copyright, it's always refreshing to see that there are still people in high places who aren't yet bought by big content. Late last week, a major battle was won for consumer rights in Switzerland: Switzerland's Federal Supreme Court has ruled that IP addresses are personal information, and therefore, fall under the country's strict privacy laws, and may not be used by anti-piracy companies.
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Secret files scandal
by bouhko on Mon 13th Sep 2010 16:06 UTC
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I don't think being neutral is the key here. One of the explanation for the rather good data protection laws we have in Switzerland is the scandal we had about secret files in the 80-90 [1]. Basically, a nation-wide citizen spying system was revealed. It targetted mostly left-wing activist.

After that, we got some better law on data protection and the public opinion became somehow aware of the importance of privacy. Sadly, I think it's slowly becoming and "old scandal" and people forget about it.

But yeah, very good news indeed !


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RE: Secret files scandal
by Laurence on Mon 13th Sep 2010 16:17 in reply to "Secret files scandal"
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[edit: sorry, this was meant to be a new thread. I hit "reply" instead of "post a comment" by mistake]

Logistep AG states that their behaviour is perfectly legal in many other European countries....

Switzerland isn't part of the EU though so his point is irrelevent. In fact, it amounts to little more than a kid crying to his Mum that all the other kids are allowed [insert latest fad at school] so why shouldn't he.

....and that this decision will make Switzerland a safe haven for copyright infringers

This part I agree with, however pirates will always be one step ahead of private corporations. So "save haven" or not, the ongoing battle against copyright infringers will always be a losing battle much like the US and UK's war on drugs. The fact that Switzerland has declared IPs to be personal will change little in the war against piracy.

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