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Microsoft Who said a public outcry - even if it's just on the internet - never helped anyone? Yesterday, we reported on The New York Times' findings that Microsoft lawyers were taking part in raids on opposition groups in Russia. Today, Microsoft has announced a number of steps to fix the situation - the most significant of which is a unilateral software license extended to all NGOs in Russia and several other countries.
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I could bitch about anything...
by Moredhas on Mon 13th Sep 2010 21:47 UTC
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I could bitch about anyhing, so I will. While it's awfully nice of Microsoft to offer this "unilateral license", there are two real reasons they've done it. Firstly, there's their usual vendor-lock-in practise. Members of NGOs will use Windows at home because they use it at work. Second should be obvious, giving them all free copies of Windows with no legal ambiguity means they won't all run off to the penguin flock to avoid suspicion of piracy. Microsoft could have sat bakc and done nothing, but I'm sure it woould have cost them a fair portion of the Russian private sector.

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I think it says a lot about the 'alternatives' when people would en-masse rather pirate the pay version than even CONSIDER running the alleged 'free ones'.

While I very, very rarely agree with our very own troll deathshadow this I do kinda agree with. With Linux every time I use it there is either this or that wrong and needs workarounds, and it's getting annoying.

I just installed Linux on my new desktop yesterday and instantly ran to a problem: I couldn't set my resolution to the native one used by my display. I had to go tussle around in xorg.conf and add a 'Virtual' line in there for it to start working. Such a really god damn stupid issue that I don't understand why is there even need for such.

I know who were pirating XP tried 7, shrugged their shoulders and said "You know, I'd be willing to pay money for this"

I used to use Linux daily for all kinds of things. Nowadays I find myself using 7 and rarely even booting to Linux anymore. Knowing Microsoft's track record it kind of tickles me in the wrong way but I have to admit: 7 feels more stable than Linux :S

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While your rant quite clearly indicates your literacy, perhaps your comprehension skills are what's lacking. I didn't ask "what about Linux", I didn't suggest they use Linux, I didn't even comment on the viability of Linux as an alternative. I just snidely insinuated that Microsoft aren't being as altogether altruistic as they would have us believe, and that their motivation was fear of a large migration away from Windows.

As an aside, I have been a Linux user for several years now, and I have had only ONE problem in that whole time: pulse audio used to make my laptop speakers make a small popping noise. So very minor and so easy to fix. None of my friends have nearly such a smooth experience with Windows, but I'm not so insecure as to go trolling about it.

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