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Legal With bad news after bad news when it comes to consumer rights in relation to software and copyright, it's always refreshing to see that there are still people in high places who aren't yet bought by big content. Late last week, a major battle was won for consumer rights in Switzerland: Switzerland's Federal Supreme Court has ruled that IP addresses are personal information, and therefore, fall under the country's strict privacy laws, and may not be used by anti-piracy companies.
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Also, which European countries are we talking about, since the major ones that I can think of; France, Germany and England are all comming down on piracy?

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France is coming down on piracy with a law that has been forced through parliament, that goes against several state council recommendations and that will most probably get bitchslapped by european ruling in the near future because afair it goes against several principles in there (and European laws supersede everything beside the constitution). In the meanwhile, people will just move onto onion routing Japan style, which will create headaches for ISPs, overload the global bandwith and create a black hole for state money at the bottom of the bill whereas average Joe will still be able to download everything he wants. Pretty good thinking if you ask me!

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