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Multimedia, AV If the rumours are true, and if this Pastebin post (be sure to mirror the key if that won't get you in trouble with your authorities) is legitimate, then it looks like High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection has been cracked so hard its mother's mother felt it. HDCP is a copy protection mechanism which protects the audio and video streams sent over DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI.
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RE[3]: DRM is still effective
by UltraZelda64 on Wed 15th Sep 2010 05:57 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: DRM is still effective"
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Yeah, not really. Among its other problems, I'm not too keen on buying a movie-playing device that has to constantly phone home to some faceless corporate entity in order to make sure I have permission to play the movie I just bought. And having to constantly update the firmware on the device is enough to make my parents not interested in messing with it either.

In short, I'll stick with DVDs.

Totally agree with you on that. Aside from the possibilities of BD-writable discs and the loads of storage they provide, I'm not too fond of Blu-ray myself. The video format is a punch in the face to its own customers, and even the rewritable discs cost a lot still. As I mentioned, the format is barely even off the ground... by the time it has gained some traction, it will be as easy to find a Blu-ray ripping program for most OSes as it is for DVD.

DVD--for both video and general data storage--works quite well right now as it is.

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