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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Nokia might not be gaining a lot of mindshare in the smartphone world with its Symbian operating system, but fact of the matter is that Symbian is still the most popular smartphone operating system in the world - by a long shot. Today, Nokia officially unveiled three new smartphones that will run the latest iteration of the mobile platform, Symbian^3.
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What is preventing nokia with Android OS?
by TusharG on Wed 15th Sep 2010 11:20 UTC
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Is there a leagel binding on Nokia on using Android OS? Why they have not launched a single phone on Android phone? or is it just a ego issue?

Symbion is good! but it is showing its age. period! The new happening OS on mobile platform are iOS, Andorid and Nokia's own Moblin!

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The new happening OS on mobile platform are iOS, Andorid and Nokia's own Moblin!

All those OSs are far behind Symbian in many important aspects. They all require large touch screens, lots or RAM and powerful processors to work. All that adds up to expensive phones with shitty battery life. Symbian on the other hand has non of those problems.

I recently bought a new Symbian phone and it is better than my Android phone in many ways. It cost less than half of even the cheapest Android phone, I only need to charge it once a week, for calling and texting I find it quicker and easier to use than my Android phone and yet it still has wifi, facebook, mp3 player, GPS navigation, browser and all kinds of stuff like that if you ever need it.

So while Symbian is not as powerful as iOS, Andorid and Moblin, it still has many features which makes it in many ways a better OS for actual phones (as opposed to portable media devices).

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