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Multimedia, AV If the rumours are true, and if this Pastebin post (be sure to mirror the key if that won't get you in trouble with your authorities) is legitimate, then it looks like High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection has been cracked so hard its mother's mother felt it. HDCP is a copy protection mechanism which protects the audio and video streams sent over DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI.
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RE[3]: Newtons's law
by amadensor on Wed 15th Sep 2010 15:51 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Newtons's law"
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The point is, though, that when there is a reasonable way to get it legally, people do. Maybe there needs to be a reasonable way to do this in Europe. Maybe the fix is not use DRM and make it painful for everyone, then crack it, but instead to create reasonable ways to get the content legally, and make them nicer and easier than the illegal ones.

I can download from torrent, then reformat with ffmpeg, then encrypt in just the right way with the right key, and copy it to the Tivo desktop server and watch it, or I can just stream from Netflix on my Wii. Which one do you think I will do, especially considering that I have the Netflix anyway for DVD's of fun old movies that are not good enough to buy and watch many times, but I still want to see once?

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