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Apple I love OSNews, but it does seem like some of its editors enjoy just a little too much taking a good natured jab at Apple upon occasion (well, more like every chance that particular editor can get). I thought it time for a little good news and analysis about Apple that critics often overlook.
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RE[4]: I'm A Little Surprised...
by mrstep on Fri 17th Sep 2010 01:51 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: I'm A Little Surprised..."
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Nice - an extra lb of weight right out of the gate, half the battery life (if you get the 9 cell, which probable adds even more weight?), and the benefit of leather.

But seriously, you better factor in the weight/cost of dragging a second 9 cell battery, upgrade the one you're looking at with one as well, apparently add a bluetooth module (??? non-standard, according to the Dell 'customizer' walkthrough I just tried), get the higher-end screen, get a better version of Win7 since Apple doesn't have gimped versions of the OS for users, and... now the 'starting price' is already over $1700 for a heavier machine with worse battery life, though it has some opaque 'total savings' that bring it to $1500 (and still doesn't include that extra battery), which while better than $1700+ is still not going to get you the same lighter, longer-lived, and Windows Free experience. Unless you're that into virus scans on top of it. But I'll concede, the Mac is still more expensive. And I didn't see a better trackpad option either. :/

On the Mac Pro comparison, are you really comparing a single-CPU setup to the dual Xeon 12-core Pro? What's the price comparison you want? Would you like to compare render times? Not to mention whatever that hideous lit case thing is... ;)

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I feel like I'm being trolled here.

are these the mac book pro laptops?:

Find the similarly specd' mac book there and compare it to the xps with internal blue tooth module 1220$ total. To me that looks like a 2200$ mac book pro that has 4Gb ram and core i7 cpu. 980$ difference.

xps has better screen than mac book pro. Why would you want to upgrade it? So that it's even better? And why a better version of win7?

Also the battery is already 9 cell one.

But yeah mac has uni body... for which I do not give a damn... why would I need it? So that it feels more solid!? Xps feels very solid as it is.

Only thing I really like about macbooks is their outstanding touchpad. The only thing! I do not need to +3h autonomy. I do not need the uni body. Most of us do not. And I will not pay 1k more for that. To those who do need it, take a look at timelinex series from acer. And I think both HP and Toshiba have series with dual graphics solutions that have very good autonomy and cpu power.

For mac pro... I compared the 2500$ PC to the 2500$ mac pro (it has no 12 cores the one that does is 5k$). The pc is far better but yeah... like I said I doubt you even looked. And hence the feeling of being trolled. It has neon lights and see trough side panel gamer type case. The thing is you can customize it whatever you like. You can remove the lights the crossfire graphics and change the case, since you are removing one of the VGA adapters you can change the PSU you do not need to 800watt one. The price will fall down a lot. Also you do not need the water cooling and touchscreen front panel for fan control ._. heck I just saw it also has a 128GB SDD.. you can easily get below the 2000$ mark and end up with far better solution than 2500$ mac. If you need two CPUs solution I doubt the site I posted sells those. But that does not mean you can not find them somewhere... and trust me they cost far less then mac pro.

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I ran through the stupid Dell config tool to try to come up with something equivalent. The Dell screen didn't appear to be as nice, but sure, stick with their base one if you want - I had to choose the 9 cell which added $, apparently if I want to be able to use my bluetooth mouse I need to add something, if you want more hours on the road you'd need a second battery, it's heavier... the fact that YOU don't care about any of that doesn't mean others don't, so your comparison is just pointless. It's like if I spec'ed out what machine my parents would need and then complained that you're spending so much on that Dell laptop - WTF?

On the Mac Pro side, my point is that you're going to the _Pro_ lineup and looking for a gaming machine. Guess what? That's not what is being sold - last time I looked, OS X isn't really the ultimate gamers paradise to begin with, and if you really want to run games on a PC, get a PC. (I have a 360 since I'd rather play in the living room on a larger screen...) If you want an non-Xeon CPU, don't get the Mac, OK? If you want a machine for doing CPU intensive work that takes advantage of it, then I'd suggest getting more than 4 or 6 cores - which is going to put you into the $5K price range whether you want a Dell or Mac.

So no, it's not a troll comment, you're just comparing machines with different capabilities and purposes, ignoring features you decide you don't personally care about, and then complaining if there's a price difference. Please show me how the 12-core Xeon based machine from this manufacturer compares in price, OK, because that's what I'm using for 3D production work. I don't want or need a low-end game system myself - and I wouldn't suggest getting the Mac Pro if you don't need the high end. The Mac is a damned well built and integrated machine, but nobody is going to make you buy it - hell, it's not like it even comes with a leather option. ;)

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