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Graphics, User Interfaces "Adobe Flash Player 'Square' is a preview release that enables native 64-bit support on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows operating systems, as well as enhanced support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 beta. We have made this preview available so that users can test existing content and new platforms for compatibility and stability."
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There isn't currently a strong incentive for media companies to adopt HTML5 and you can't change that.

Absence of royalties is a strong incentive for hardware/software companies to adopt WebM/HTML5. Coming shortly, the majority of new releases of web browsers will support it. Once these products hit the market in the near future, near-universal support plus no royalties to pay will bring support from other parties soon enough.

Look I hate Flash too but I also know that companies find it useful and most people don't mind installing it.

Granted. Flash will be around for some time yet (and indeed I have begrudingly installed it myself), but it is proprietary, available in full only from a sole source supplier (major weakness there), and difficult to accomodate on low power devices. When the HTML5/WebM/CSS/SVG/Canvas/ECMAscript vs Flash battle starts in earnest, Flash will begin to wane soon enough.

Work on the install base first. Create some demos or templates, show web designers what it is capable of.

This will come soon enough. There will be a rash of sites pop up as soon as the upcoming round of new releases of major browsers is out. They will all support the new tech (Safari being the only holdout, and even then only the WebM codec will be missing. At first, Safari will only support HTML5/H264/CSS/SVG/Canvas/ECMAscript).

Adobe have promised support for the webM codec in Flash also.

So even sites using Flash won't be an impediment to WebM. Safari won't be able to hold out for long in not offering WebM, IMO.

BTW ... I can make it so that I can click on a Flash video and save it to disk. It is also possible to suppress the ability to right-click on a HTML5/WebM video and save it to disk.

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