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Legal Yesterday's news regarding the lawsuit Skyhook has filed against Google seems to have made quite an impact here and there. If you read through the complaint (at Daring Fireball), Skyhook makes some interesting claims about how Google abuses its position to strongarm OEMs into using Google Location services, but the big claim, something everyone seems to overlook, is this one: Skyhook says Google tried to gain access to Skyhook's data.
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RE: Corporate moto
by qroon on Sat 18th Sep 2010 08:26 UTC in reply to "Corporate moto"
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So this is not true anymore? ;)

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RE[2]: Corporate moto
by vodoomoth on Wed 22nd Sep 2010 17:00 in reply to "RE: Corporate moto"
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This scared me when I saw it a few days ago. I started wondering what proof do we have that by entering our passwords in browsers, we are not unknowingly surrendering control of parts of our lives?

I mean, I have 170+ secondary email addresses on my Yahoo account. This means at least as many registrations on websites, forums, etc. But I only have three passwords. A weak one I really don't care about, that I use on all secondary addresses, another one for my PC accounts and a third strong one for my main email accounts. In case I have other passwords, I just send myself an email with the website, username and password.

I thought about all that while reading the comic strip and it was... unsettling.

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