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Intel On a Windows Vista or Vindows 7 disk, all versions of the operating system are present, from Starter to Ultimate, and everything in between. So, if you want too upgrade to a more capable version of Windows down the road, all you need to do is pop the Windows disk in, let Windows Anytime Upgrade do its thing, and you're done. It seems like Intel is experimenting with a similar technology... For its processors.
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Companies. Nothing new.
by l3v1 on Mon 20th Sep 2010 09:29 UTC
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So, you buy hardware which will have its features locked unless you pay extra. Then you buy [non-foss] software which will have its features locked unless you pay extra.

You know, if everyone wants us to basically switch to some kind of subscription scheme both on hardware and software, then they'd f*ing better give us all the hardware for free.

Until then, f* the locked down pc hardware. It'll just make new market opportunities for other hardware vendors (give me those multicore arm cpu's) and create a new pc modchip black market.

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