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Intel On a Windows Vista or Vindows 7 disk, all versions of the operating system are present, from Starter to Ultimate, and everything in between. So, if you want too upgrade to a more capable version of Windows down the road, all you need to do is pop the Windows disk in, let Windows Anytime Upgrade do its thing, and you're done. It seems like Intel is experimenting with a similar technology... For its processors.
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RE: In the land of the blind...
by rom508 on Mon 20th Sep 2010 16:35 UTC in reply to "In the land of the blind..."
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The truth is that we don't know what pricing model Intel is going to use for this system. The photo in the article mentions upgrading "from 2- to 4-way multi-task processing" among other things, which I'm assuming refers to cores. News: not everyone needs four cores, and plenty of people would pay $20 less, even $10 less.

Why would you even consider this to be a good deal?? It is designed not to offer you a lower price, but make you pay twice for something that you have already payed.

It's like you go and buy a house, but you can only use half of the rooms, even though you own the entire house. The other rooms are bricked up, unless you make another payment of %10.

This practice is totally despicable. It is rife in software industry and now hardware manufacturers decided to jump on the bandwagon.

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Did you actually read the article? Where are you getting this from?

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Well, 50 bucks,,,,Meh,,,,,as long as it comes with a tee shirt.

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