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Apple As I was casually browsing around today, I came across this blog post. It's about the recently released VLC media player for the iPad, which you can use to play just about any video under the sun on your iPad. The blog post is a complaint about a bit of help text that's not properly rendered inside the application - annoying, but no dealbreaker. Until I actually read the text - this is how you're supposed to get content on your iPad?
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What about simply mounting the iPhone in the Finder/Explorer? Drag and drop any shit to that icon, and it'll be put in the right place on the iPhone. Dragging 10 videos and 30 mp3s? The videos will show up in everything that can play video on the iPad, and the music will show up everywhere you can play music.

Managing iTunes itself is miles more complicated than that!

This isn't about making the device less complex. This is about getting you to use the iTMS.

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What about simply mounting the iPhone in the Finder/Explorer

You're assuming that most computer users today even know what a Finder/Explorer window is.

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You are really in troubles if you do not know what "Finder/Explorer" is.

I think that must exist a minimal/basic computer knowledge that every user must know: If nobody asks to someone else to drive a car when the latter does not know how to do it, why do we consider that the software must be quite easy to use for people with no training at all?

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You're not going to get very far with a computer not knowing what a file is.

To have to have an iTunes subscription and only be able to get content through vetted channels is piss poor and you know it.

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I agree with you Thom, I just bought an Android device, and I mount the USB drive and drag content on it. When I unmount it, it just figures out what that content is, and apps have access to it. It even has the nice touch that folders become gallery names and such. It's really straight forward. It would be even nicer if I could just drag files to the icon and let the device handle the file layout, but it's a close second.

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Managing iTunes itself is miles more complicated than that!

.. Yeah, I agree to a certain extent, but I think the answer is much less Black and White, iTunes vs File System.

Apple does move in baby steps, love it or hate it. Most people that have an apple device understand iTunes and that is where they start from, historically speaking...

I would be more interested in hearing how the interface for iTunes/iOS devices could be streamlined for greater ease of access.

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